Michigan's #1 Therapy clinic for adults and children with neurological and orthopedic conditions

At Crawl Walk Jump Run in Clinton Township, we offer physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy, using one-on-one intensive treatment, education, training, and advocacy

Michigan's #1 Therapy clinic for adults and children with neurological and orthopedic conditions

At Crawl Walk Jump Run, we offer physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy, using one-on-one intensive treatment, education, training, and advocacy

crawl walk jump run Therapy Clinic in Clinton Township, MI

At CWJR we offer speech, occupational and physical therapy.  We specialize in applying advanced treatments, cutting-edge technology, and state-of-the-art equipment to treat neurological and orthopedic conditions affecting children and adults.

Pediatric Therapy

Pediatric Therapy is a powerful way to improve your child's developmental skills through physical, occupational and speech therapeutic activities.

Adult Therapy

Adult Therapy

Crawl Walk Jump Run offers a wide range of interventions and equipment to be utilized in the treatment of neurological diagnoses for adults

Orthopedic Therapy

Orthopedic Physical Therapy

A skilled Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) at Restore Ortho PT will provide treatment to help you get Back to Living Your Best Life after surgery, an injury, accident, or illness.

At Crawl Walk Jump Run, we ensure each individual who comes through our doors feels empowered.

Stephanie Serafimovski, owner of Crawl Walk Jump Run Therapy Clinic in Clinton Township, MI, had a dream of opening a multidisciplinary clinic that was patient centered. This dream became a reality when opening up the doors of the clinic in 2006. As a Physical Therapist, she understood the importance of intensive, skilled hands-on, one-on-one care.

Our Disciplines

Our Specialty

At CWJR, we treat from birth to adult with a whole body approach with our multidisciplinary team.

Our Speciality

Our Disciplines

We offer Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy. We also offer unique programs like Feeding Therapy.

Our Approach

Our Approach

From the first consultation, we begin to formulate a comprehensive team approach to therapy. We believe extended sessions of intensive therapy provide the best and most effective results for our patients to Live Their Best Life.

Know Someone Who Has A Neurological Disorder?

The majority of children and adults with neurological disorders are not receiving the treatment they need to improve their lives. We want therapy to allow each patient to achieve maximum functional progress while educating parents and family members to help their loved ones reach their highest potential. 

Separate locations in Clinton township, MI

We’re located at 42804 Garfield Road, just south of 19 Mile Road in Clinton Township, MI. We offer two convenient locations for therapy, across the street from each other.

Easily Schedule Your Free Therapy Consult

We offer free therapy screenings with our highly trained therapists to help determine whether Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, or Speech Therapy would be beneficial for you.

If Therapy is Recommended

Our therapists work with patients through personalized treatment plans. We believe that by working closely with families and loved ones, we can give each patient what they need to live a full life.

What Our Patients Saying


I love this place and so does my son! They are amazing and have helped my Son grow so much. I’m very thankful for crawl walk jump run!

– Sara Roberts – Clinton Township

Helping every single person live their best life

CWJR works with a variety of referral sources including doctors, case managers, teachers, and past patients/families. We highly recommend keeping track of all your medical history such as surgeries, medication, and conditions so that your medical providers can provide the highest quality of care with your unique medical needs in mind. 

Cutting Edge Approaches to Treatment Therapies

Our goal, our motto, and our livelihood is for each patient to Live Their Best Life. In order to make that happen, we have intensive therapy sessions with the best equipment and highly trained therapists. Our therapists are always researching new techniques and think outside the box to ensure treatment fits the unique needs of our patients.

CWJR Patients Become Family

Each patient is treated like family from the moment they step through our doors. We pride ourselves on being such a big part of their lives and enjoy seeing them achieve milestone after milestone. We love hearing how therapy has helped them Live Their Best Life both in and outside of the clinic.

At Crawl Walk Jump Run, We Focus on Patient Care

What makes CWJR different is our individualized and intensive approach to therapy. During your 60 minute session, the patient is the therapist’s primary focus. This sets us apart from other clinics, as many of them may offer sessions that are under 45 minutes. In addition, other therapists may be treating more than just one patient at the same time. This is not the case at CWJR.

Questions? We've got answers

Check out our CWJR blog to learn more about neurological disorders, how we treat them, and exercises you can do at home.

We're here to help

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