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5 Areas a Speech-Language Pathologist Can Assist

When most people think of a speech-language pathologist, they think of the treatment of speech sound production disorders. However, speech-pathologists are experts in many different communication and swallowing disorders. Here are five things you may not know a speech-language pathologist can treat.


Speech-language pathologists are trained to recognize and treat the signs and symptoms of swallowing disorders, called dysphagia. They can help you or your loved ones develop strategies for safe mealtimes to reduce the risk of aspiration and resulting pneumonia.\


Speech-language pathologists treat individuals with cognitive communication impairments. They can aid a person and their family in developing strategies to improve attention, memory, problem solving, and many other areas!

Alternative and augmentative communication (AAC)

AAC refers to any means of communication that isn’t our typical, verbal speech and can include picture, American sign language (ASL), or high-tech devices, like iPads. When an individual is unable to use verbal speech due to a variety of conditions or diagnoses, a speech-language pathologist can aid them in developing a communication system to replace or support their communication.

Social communication:

Social skills may be challenging for children with autism spectrum disorder or other developmental diagnoses, but are a crucial part of our daily interactions. A speech-language pathologist can help individuals learn to use language appropriately,  use good non-verbal language, such as eye contact, and improve interactions with peers!

Finding Your Voice

Speech language pathologists can also help individuals who are struggling with a variety of voice problems, including hyper-functional voice disorders, vocal misuse, or other voice problems due to a diagnosis such as Parkinson’s disease.  At Crawl Walk Jump Run, we also offer Lee Silverman Voice Treat (LSVT) to improve vocal loudness for individuals with neurological disorders.

If you or a loved one is experiencing any of these issues and would like to meet with a speech-language pathologist, please contact Crawl, Walk, Jump, Run at 586-323-2957.

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