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Providing over 50 therapy services and approaches, and treating over 30 diagnoses!

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CWJR's Focus on Patient Care

What makes CWJR different is our individualized and intensive approach to therapy. During your 60 minute session, the patient is the therapist’s primary focus. 

This sets us apart from other clinics, as many of them may offer sessions that are under 45 minutes. In addition, other therapists may be treating more than just one patient at the same time. This is not the case at CWJR.

Our Beginning

Stephanie Serafimovski, owner of Crawl Walk Jump Run Therapy Clinic, had a dream of opening a multidisciplinary clinic that was patient centered. This dream became a reality when opening up the doors of the clinic in 2006.

Our Foundation

Our clinic was founded on the principle to work one-on-one with each patient until they achieve maximum functional progress and to educate every patient, parent, family member, and case worker to help each patient reach their highest potential.

Our Specialty

At our facility we specialize in the most advanced treatments, cutting edge technology, and state of the art equipment for neurological and orthopedic conditions. We treat from birth to adult with a whole body approach with our multidisciplinary team.

Unique and Cutting Edge Approaches

We're dedicated to making every therapy session count. Our goal, our motto, and our livelihood is for each patient to Live Their Best Life. In order to make that happen, we have intensive therapy sessions with the best equipment and highly trained therapists. Our therapists are always researching new techniques and think outside the box to ensure treatment fits the unique needs of our patients. Our PT and OT sessions often run 60-90 minutes, which is double the length of sessions at other providers.

Hours of Operation

CWJR is currently closed Friday-Sunday

Frequency of Weekly Attendance:

CWJR advises that patients attend therapy 1-5 days per week from 1-3 hours based on the individual’s plan of care as developed by their evaluating therapist. All sessions following evaluations are provided by CWJR staff therapists.

FAQ's About Getting Started with CWJR

A screening is a completely free/no obligation  opportunity to discuss any concerns you may have with a licensed therapist. Each screening is unique based on the patient’s concern. The goal of a screening is to have a conversation and to see the ways in which we can help, whether that is starting therapy with us or exploring other options first. 

A therapist who specializes in your requested discipline does your screening. If you are unsure of which discipline you or a loved one may need, our Patient Care Representative can point you in the right direction! All of our therapists are highly skilled and trained professionals who put patient care at the center of everything they do. 

Our 30-minute screenings are completely free to you! 

Fill out the form here, and one of our Patient Care Representatives will be in contact within 48 hours.

One of our PCRs will be in touch within 24 hours to begin the process of becoming a CWJR patient!