Kathleen Lewandowski, MPT

Kathleen Lewandowski, MPT has been at Crawl Walk Jump Run Therapy Clinic since 2007. She graduated with a Bachelors in Health Science in 2001 and a Masters in Physical Therapy from Oakland University in 2004. During her time at the clinic she has fulfilled the role of Senior Therapist, then Clinical Director and now Chief Operations Officer. Kathleen is honored to be part of such a talented team and to be able to assist many patients over the years to live their best life. In her free time, Kathleen enjoys pilates, traveling, and spending time with her family.


Scoliosis is defined by a deformity of the spine. The spine will present with a side to side curvature and can either be S-shaped or C-shaped. A child with scoliosis may appear to be leaning to one side. Read more to find out more about scoliosis in children and some of the ways in which …

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Balance is an even distribution of weight in which an object or person can stay upright and steady. Balance keeps us from falling over during any upright activity such as walking, running, and sitting. Read more about balance by clicking below! 

Tips for Posture

Posture is a very important aspect of our physical health. One of the most common effects of of poor posture is rounded shoulders. In our blog post we talk about some quick tips you can implement in your day to day routine to make sure you’re posture is in good shape.