Leanna Beatty

Marketing Manager

1,000 Hours Outside

Finally, a Facebook challenge I can get behind! The 1,000 Hours Outside challenge! This is a new challenge going around Facebook, with encouragement to get kids away from electronics.  This was based, in part, from research showing that the average american child watches 1,200 hours of television per year – that’s just over 3 hours …

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Foundation needed for pre-handwriting skills

Below is a check-list of pre-handwriting skills needed before handwriting can occur: Fine motor strength (finger strength) Shoulder stability Upper body strength Core strength Crossing the midline Hand eye coordination Bilateral integration (using two hands) Visual perception Hand dominance Hand division (manipulate objects using 3 fingered grasp) Pencil grasp   If you have concerns about …

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What is Heavy Work?

Heavy work is any type of activity that pushes or pulls against the body. Heavy work activities can help kids with sensory processing issues feel centered. Heavy work engages a sense called proprioception, or body awareness.    Who can benefit from heavy work activities? Everyone!  Everyone needs heavy work activities to some extent. It’s mostly …

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Impulse Control

Many kids with sensory processing difficulties struggle with impulse control. Impulsivity can be a barrier for kids in the classroom and cause issues throughout their day. Your child may struggle with impulse control if you see these types of behaviors…. Grabs items from other kids Lacks a sense of personal boundaries Shows poor self-regulation of …

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