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CWJR’s Commitment to Flexibility

Back to school has a whole new meaning right now. Some may be returning to a physical classroom and some may be returning to the kitchen table to learn via ZOOM. No matter how your family is planning to go back to school, CWJR knows that therapy remains an important part of your child’s routine. As uncertainty continues around the upcoming school year, we know that family schedules are up in the air. 

Flexibility is One of Our Core Values 

With this in mind, CWJR wants to assure patients, both prospective and current, that we have always valued flexibility. We respect the balance between therapy and other commitments our patients have. Our dedicated scheduling team makes it a priority to work with our families to align availability of both our therapists and patients. 

Flexibility is important now more than ever. We want to assure you that we are all in this together and we are willing to coordinate with you so that your loved one can attend therapy as often as recommended so that they can see the most optimal outcomes. 

How You Can Help

The more availability you are able to provide, the more  opportunity our scheduling team has to find spots that work best for both of us! We know that may sound like a stretch so below are some suggestions: 

  1. Coordinate with a trusted family member such as a grandparent who could bring your loved one to and from therapy. 
  2. Remote work from your vehicle or inside our clinic while you’re with your child – we have FREE wifi available. 
  3. Telehealth may be an option as well however coverage varies depending on your specific insurance policy. 
  4. Coordinate with your child’s school to determine options for therapy to fit into your child’s schedule. 

Should you have any additional questions about our attendance and scheduling procedures please reach out to us at 586-323-2957. 

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