Why Crawl Walk Jump Run?

There is a multitude of therapy clinics out there, so why choose us?



Focus on Patient Care

Most therapy clinics offer therapy sessions for around 45 minutes or less in the rehab field. Often you find that your therapist may be treating more than just you at the same time. These are just a few of the reasons why Stephanie Serafimovski, CEO and Founder of both clinics, decided to open up her own intensive facility back in 2006.


Unique and Cutting Edge Approaches

Crawl Walk Jump Run is dedicated to making every therapy session count. Our goal, our motto, and our livelihood is for each patient to Live Their Best Life. In order to make that happen, we have intensive therapy sessions with only the best equipment and trained therapists. Our therapists research new techniques and think outside the box. Every rehab session is no less than 60 minutes and often run closer to the 90 minute mark for a single session. That alone is double what you may see elsewhere for physical and occupational therapy services.

For all therapy services, we employ trained technicians to assist our therapists to make every individual’s therapy session even more intensive.

Patients Become Family

Each patient is treated like family from the moment they step through our doors. We pride ourselves in being such a big part of their lives and enjoy seeing them conquer milestone after milestone. When you walk through our clinic doors at Crawl Walk Jump Run, you will get to see these conquered milestones firsthand through our patient’s success stories hanging up on our hallway walls. We love hearing how therapy has helped them Live Their Best Life. We look forward to seeing this happen for more and more individuals.

To learn more about the therapeutic services and disciplines we offer, please contact us.

Partners and Referral Sources:

CWJR works with a variety of referral sources including doctors, case managers, teachers, and past patients/families. We highly recommend keeping track of all your medical history such as surgeries, medication, and conditions so that your medical providers can provide the highest quality of care with your unique medical needs in mind. If you or a loved one are interested in resources for how to do this CWJR staff is more than happy to point you in the correct direction.