CWJR Testimonials

What Our Clients Are Saying


“Jerica is doing so well gaining abilities through the outstanding therapy she receives at your clinic. The staff and all the therapists are extremely good at what they do and are very friendly with my daughter. Even with all the hard work she does in therapy, she enjoys working with all the therapists that she calls friends. Her smile and enthusiasm speaks loud, and she tells me how much she likes attending therapy. Thank you to all the staff from the front office to the therapists for all that you do – you have made a difference in Jerica’s life.” – Eric Cole


“Stephanie saw a ‘spark’ in my son that other therapists had overlooked. She literally had my son walking the first day she saw him!!! His walking improved with each visit. I shudder to think if I had stayed with the other clinics how my son’s progress would have been stifled and his full potential never realized.””Stephanie is an amazing and wonderful therapist. Her goal is to take your child to the next level and beyond. If you have never been to CWJR you owe it to yourself and your child to go, to insure you are unlocking their full potential.


“A heartfelt thank you to Stephanie and all the CWJR staff for providing a better tomorrow not only for my son, but all those who enter your clinic.”


“I want to comment on the outstanding therapy my daughter receives at Crawl. Her strength and coordination have dramatically improved. Her ability to sit, stand and walk have improved. Her therapists are the best and she looks forward to her weekly sessions. We had been to other clinics in the past, but now have therapy entirely at Crawl. As a parent, thank you for all you do. This is a special place.”


“We have been looking for a therapy clinic that would make a difference for our son. We found it! The staff is skilled, the program is great and he is making improvements every day (sensory issues/Autism). My husband and I are so relieved that this clinic is here!”


“My son Joel had a TBI in 2010. He was in a coma for 4 months and released from a rehab center in Sept. He immediately started at Crawl Walk! He came to Crawl Walk in a wheelchair, with a feeding tube, wearing a helmet and unable to speak. His injury had affected his right side. Through Joel’s hard work and the love and support of his PT, OT and Speech therapists, Joel is out of a wheelchair. He no longer has a peg tube, but feeds himself and has relearned how to drink out of a straw. He walks with a walker and has taken many steps by himself. He no longer has to write anything down. His speech has improved to where we don’t have to have him repeat himself.”


“Everyone at Crawl Walk takes an interest in Joel, the therapist and aides to the receptionists. They cheer for their patient’s success, and cry at their struggles. I would recommend this clinic to anyone. They truly want their patients to succeed and try invented ways to make it happen!”


“Quinn started at the clinic less than a year ago and has made such progress! When she began here she was only pulling herself up to stand. Since working with Kendell, she has gotten stronger and is now taking independent steps and standing up on her own from sitting with no support…she is making tremendous progress!” – Sandi Ray


“The RT600 has increased my son’s strength and endurance tremendously! Prior to using the RT, my son would elect to sit in his transport chair during outings. After completion of the RT program, he not only is able to walk long distances, he asks to do so! This system combines gait training, weight bearing and electrical stimulation for amazing results! The staff at CWJR are knowledgeable and caring, making it the only clinic my son gets meaningful results from. Thank you CWJR!” – Richard Smith


We LOVE going to OT with Miss Sheri at CWJR. From the first day, we were treated like family. Everyone is kind, informative, and you know without a doubt how much they care about what they do.” – Dorin Campbell


“When I first came to CWJR, post shoulder surgery, I could only wiggle my fingers. The PT team worked tirelessly to get me back to 100% despite some unique challenges. I am truly grateful for everything the CWJR PT team has helped me accomplish!” – Renee Gasparovich


“Kendell and Sarah are 5 star therapists. Love the smiles and [the therapist’s] concerns about your success. I wouldn’t say the exercises are fun, but many people and me notice the difference in my balance to [reach] the goal.

They are always watching your moments and give advice and exercises to challenge and to change your habits.

I am so glad I returned to CWJR for a refresher course since my stroke in 2007.

Love all the employees’ smiles.” – Thank you all, Barb.


“I could not speak higher about the VitalStim program with [his therapists], and the Crawl Walk Jump Run Clinic. When Lucas had his initial eval, I was asked if he had any eating issues. I explained that he had had issues almost since birth and basically ate only 5-10 items on a regular basis, which were mostly soft or dissolvable items such as yogurt, mac-and-cheese, crackers, eggs, etc.

They suggested we try VitalStim; I was doubtful as Lucas had had many different therapy sessions for feeding, however something about the combination of the VitalStim and his therapists have made it possible for Lucas to now eat many more food items including pork chops, roasted chicken, venison and many new fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, and oranges. He even has had success with some vegetables including carrots, peppers, and snap peas.

This success has made all of our lives as a family so much easier as Lucas can now go to parties and restaurants and eat many more choices so we don’t always have to bring food. I would definitely recommend this therapy and Crawl Walk Jump Run to other parents whose children have eating issues.” – Margie Wheelock


“I started as a patient at Crawl Walk Jump Run around 2006. This was about 4 years after I had a stroke at 8 years old. I was left without any movement on my left side. At 8 years old, I had to relearn how to walk and become physically independent all over again. My parents’ decision to start doing therapy at Crawl Walk Jump Run has been one of the best things to happen to me through my journey. After jumping from clinic to clinic, my family struggled to find one that would not let me settle. I did 2 three-week intensive suit therapy sessions as a child. Through the intensive treatment at Crawl Walk, I gained core strength, better posture, and stronger mobility that I have maintained throughout the years. The dynamic treatment and innovative therapists at Crawl Walk is unmatchable and hard to come by. Crawl Walk Jump Run Therapy Clinic has given my family hope. It built my foundation for progress and made it easy for me to want to work hard at my physical goals.

Last year, I did several treatment sessions on the RT600 with Kylie. I was amazed at how easy it was to walk and use my muscles correctly without having to think about it. I have had E-stim on single muscles, but the RT600 took that to another level. The carry-over was quite amazing. Kathleen also began doing CranioSacral therapy to help with the dizziness I was feeling every day. Since, those symptoms have been reduced.

After taking several months off of treatment for personal reasons, I noticed my left side feeling tighter. I started experiencing pain in my lower back and neck daily. Recently, I started seeing Diana and [therapist]. With Diana doing MNRI method (reflex integration techniques), my body has become more symmetrical. My left side feels as stable as my right side with my overall balance. Exercise that used to be harder because of tone in my left wrist has become easier. Integrating the reflexes that were disturbed after my stroke has improved my quality of life because it makes physical movements feel more natural for me. [CWJR therapist] has done CranioSacral therapy on me. With that, she has helped decrease the amount of headaches and migraines I would typically experience. After a CranioSacral session with her, my head feels more clear and the tension in my neck is reduced more every time. With these therapists’ motivation to learn, passion to help others, and continuous support, I am able to live a life full of fun and free of pain.

When I count my blessings, I count this clinic and the people under this roof a few times. Getting treatment here is something that I have never doubted. Because of Crawl Walk, I want to help others like I have been helped. I will continue with therapy as long as it is possible.” – Suzie McClellan


“When Jack started speech in 2015, right after his 2nd birthday, he was only saying 2 words. He immediately bonded with ‘Miss Nichole’ and learned so many new sounds and words.

Now he is 4 years old and still loves coming to Speech every week to continue working on his sounds. He is speaking in paragraphs now, just like other 4 year olds, and we couldn’t have done it without Nichole and CWJR!” – The Laezza Family


“I started coming for Speech Therapy because I was having issues with my jaw popping. My dentist wanted to try Speech before needing surgery. Now, I am able to eat and talk with very rare times of jaw popping. I am being discharged from Speech now, and will be doing a home program.” – Nanda Lee


“Crawl Walk Jump Run has been instrumental in Hunter’s success story! When Hunter first started a year and a half ago, he had such a strong defense mechanism to all things sensory related. He couldn’t touch a piece of tape without gagging. Fast forward to now, and his favorite thing to do is paint…with his hands!!

Over the past year we’ve started with speech as well. His first speech appointment Hunter wasn’t talking yet and in just a few short months he’s now using up to 4 words together! Hunter has come so far and has accomplished so much!

Thanks to all of his wonderful therapists who love him like their own! We couldn’t have made it without you!” – The Wajer Family


On 9/25/16 (11 days after moving from North Carolina to Michigan) I had a hemorrhagic stroke which left me partially paralyzed on my left side. After 4 days in intensive care, 3 weeks of inpatient OT/PT at Crittenton hospital, and 3 weeks of in home OT/PT, I finally arrived at Crawl Walk Jump Run Therapy Clinic on 11/17/16.

My condition upon arrival at CWJR was as follows; My left arm was essentially useless – very little hand grip strength and zero finger grip strength. My left leg was very weak. I could walk for short distances with the aid of a leg brace and a four point cane. I utilized my wheelchair for most movement outside my home. I required assistance with showering, dressing/undressing, brushing my teeth, getting in/out of bed, and even feeding myself.

My last day at CWJR will be on 5/10/17 due to my moving back to North Carolina.

The things I can do now with no assistance include; Drive a car, operate a snow blower, mow my lawn, walk at least 2 miles daily without a leg brace or cane, shower, dress/undress myself, zip my coat, scratch my right elbow and the most important of all – I CAN HUG MY WIFE WITH BOTH ARMS!

CWJR has been the driving force behind my great progress. I was always challenged and encouraged to do just a little more. My success belongs to every member of the CWJR staff and I thank everyone who helped me in my recovery.” – Billy Sutton


“Back in 2009 is when I started to attend Crawl Walk Jump Run Therapy. At that time, I was using a walker/wheelchair, my whole right side of my body was tight. I could not hold anything and my balance was way off.

During the years with great therapy I have made tremendous gains here. These are some of the things that I can do with my right hand – tie my shoes, button my pants, carry things, pick things off the floor, hold playing cards, play video games, cooking, grocery shopping and eating.

They help me with my walking. I have more stability, more endurance and I can walk without my cane with someone by my side for short distances. Thank you for everything that you have done for me.” – Brad Jones


When I was directed to Crawl Walk I wasn’t sure what I was getting into. My first day I was evaluated by Luiza and she understood the muscle I lost in the hospital. With her dedication, and Diana’s, they have helped me regain the muscle back and to get me back to my normal active life.

Thank you for everything.” – Brad Ladd


“Our experience here has been wonderful. In the eight months since my son started Speech and OT therapies here, his vocabulary has gone from one word to dozens. He’s now using basic three and four word sentences, and is expressing himself more clearly.

His behaviors have improved significantly, and he’s now putting on his clothes almost completely by himself. He’s learned how to work the remote control too!” – Peter Barlow


“Anakin started with Crawl Walk early fall. When starting Crawl Walk’s Speech Therapy he was only able to speak a handful of words. Now, only months later, Anakin is speaking in sentences. His confidence has grown and is excelling in preschool.

Miss Vanessa and Miss Nichole always find ways to make Anakin want to engage and look forward to his next session.” – The Rolando’s


“Elizabeth is a wonderful six year old who can now speak and be understood. The first four years of school, ages 1-4, Liz attended Special Ed classes. She was unable to communicate with other children or adults. This year because of the help she has received from Crawl Walk Jump Run, we enrolled her in regular Kindergarten.

Elizabeth has made friends and can be understood by most people. She can play, be imaginative, understand what is expected of her, and be a contributing member of her class.

This wonderful growth has also meant we can attend church in regular Sunday School and feel confident of her ability to make friends and contribute to her class. We also see her making friends and being accepted with outside peers. She has developed friendships with other children even having them spend the night.

Our extended family is also able to communicate with her and invite her to spend time with them. Elizabeth’s vocabulary is growing, giving her more opportunities when shopping, attending events, and learning about her world.

No more quiet, shy, Elizabeth. Thank you Vanessa and staff at CWJR.” – Sharyn Hopper


“Layla has made such progress. I am so amazed at where she is now from where she was almost 2 years ago when she started Crawl Walk Jump Run.

She was so aggressive and had such frequent outbursts and getting her attention was so difficult. Not being able to communicate was a big part of that. Now it’s almost like looking at a new child. She’s communicating, trying to use full sentences, much clearer, not nearly as aggressive, much better at socializing.

So thankful for Layla’s therapists and their patience, consistency and guidance through Layla’s journey so far.” – Jennifer Carrothers


“We have been coming weekly for Speech and OT since November 2016. Prior to coming Oliver was very uncooperative and displayed lots of protesting and frustrated behaviors. He did not babble much and would rarely speak the few words he has.

Vanessa and Jenni have been wonderful. They work with his pace and created a beautiful bond with him. Now he is calmer, happier, and excited to come to therapy. His ability to communicate has improved tremendously – using more than verbal tools. Babbling has exploded and we hear new words more and more.

Looking forward to his continued growth under their care!” – The Lopez Family


“Hi I am Makayla. Ms. Diana and Ms. Kendell helped me with riding my bike with two wheels. Now I am a champ riding all around even on campgrounds and really steep hills. I also used to have pain in my ankles and I could not jump rope with both feet. Now I have no pain and I can jump a ton of times with no problem.

Ms. Sheri helped to stop my headaches that I got every night. She also improved my reading and my eye tracking. I am so happy I came to Crawl Walk Jump Run Therapy Clinic.” – Makayla Lewandowski


“Crawl Walk Jump Run helped our daughter Lucy Kate acquire the skills to perform the activities of daily life (walking up stairs, jumping and eating). It was a little over a year ago when Lucy was first struggling with food. Since she was not using her mouth to chew, her muscles had not developed. With therapists’ advice and their determination to have Lucy ‘work hard’ week after week, Lucy developed into a new toddler.

The therapists used such creative tactics to get Lucy to eat, jump, i.e., that Lucy responded and things changed dramatically. She began to walk more, run and jump, and could go up and down the stairs, and could eat using proper muscles! Also, Lucy verbally became better!

She found not only new best friends at the clinic (the therapists), but she found treatment that has changed her life and the lives of those around her. What a blessing the therapy clinic has been and we will never forget the journey you helped us on!” – Ellen and Jon Strom


“From our first time visiting CWJR, we knew they had the tools and resources to help our newborn correct his torticollis. After the initial consultation, we did everything we could to get him treatment here. With the one-on-one visits and handouts/exercises provided, his progression has sped up immensely. What was originally supposed to take 6-8 weeks turned into 4 weeks. The entire staff is extremely professional, caring and patient, and genuinely love coming to work and helping their clients, which end up becoming family to everyone that works there. We cannot thank everyone at CWJR enough, especially Kathleen.” – Joseph Wezner


“I have been a runner for years and repeated falls over the past few years finally brought me to the Crawl Walk Jump Run Therapy Clinic.

My major complaints on admission were lower back and sciatic pain, limited range of motion in my right hip and my right knee turned in causing me to occasionally fall when running. My goals were to resolve the above issues while continuing to run.

I had the opportunity to work with a few therapists at the clinic over the 3-4 month I was in treatment and I have nothing but good things to say about all of them but I felt very fortunate to have had Luiza oversee my care. She understood that running was an important part of my life and she worked with me to find a running plan that we could both live with while I was in therapy. Luiza was easy to talk to and answered all my questions about my treatment during my sessions and she was also available by e-mail for my occasional in between session questions.

I quickly received great advice on things I could easily do to help with my back pain and I am happy to say that I am now pain free and continue to use the techniques I have learned so I can continue to be pain free.

A heel lift resolved a leg length difference and I feel that I walk more normally now. The issues with my leg turning in are due to a lack of strength and I continue to see improvement in that area as I continue to do the exercises that have been recommended.

I am happy to be out of therapy but will miss the therapists and staff that assisted in my care. They create a very positive and supportive environment where anyone can thrive if you are willing to do the work. I hope to never be back but this will be the place I go if I ever need treatment in the future.” – Diane Ricchi


“I recognized almost immediate benefits on the RT600. Activities that had previously been difficult for me (climbing stairs, stepping up curbs, and walking over rough ground) became much easier. I even moved from sit to stand unassisted – something I’ve never done before. My overall strength improved, and I suspect that I gained some muscle. The RT really helped me become stronger!” – Emilie Scarchilli


“I came to Crawl walk Jump Run on July 27, 2015 after suffering a stroke while at work on June 12, 2015. One thing that you need to know about me, is that I am a high school boys’ basketball coach and I have been for 35 years. I have always been able to motivate my players to accomplish our team goals, so I knew that I needed that same approach from the therapist team at Crawl Walk Jump Run. On July 27th, I had an appointment with Kendell (PT) and Jenni (OT) for my evaluation. I struggled to walk into the clinic that day, as my left leg was very heavy feeling and my left arm was just there. After the two hours of evaluations, I was so tired. That’s when I knew this was the place I needed to be. They worked as a team from the front office to the therapists to build my daily sessions that worked best for me.

Soon after beginning my therapy sessions, I started on the RT600. This machine worked my whole body while concentration on the left leg and arm. I was put on a 16 session regiment that involved two days a week for an hour each session. Also during these eight weeks I continued to have PT and OT sessions that coincided with the RT600 and I began seeing signs of recovery.

Shortly after this time I was assigned to Tracy as my OT. Tracy’s outside the box thinking and taking my case to heart drives me to work hard every session. She is always coming up with new and effective exercises. She has even made equipment to send home with me to help with the process. At this same time, my PT sessions had run out with the insurance company so I started working with Kylie through the personal training program available. Kylie is always pushing me to do more than I ever thought I could. I have built muscle mass through this program that has benefited me to gain strength and endurance. I also just finished my third session on the RT600. As I continue to improve, I need to fine tune the motor skills that I continue to regain.

I have learned through this medical adversity to listen to the people who are put into your life, they are there for a reason.” – Gary Barns