How Can Therapy Help You?

At Crawl Walk Jump Run, we ensure that each individual who walks through our doors feels empowered.

From the first consultation at our facility, we work together to formulate a team approach to ensure everyone is receiving the best care to allow for the most effective results.

We want therapy to allow each patient to achieve maximum functional progress while educating parents and family members to help their loved ones reach their highest potential.

We believe that extended sessions of intensive therapy provide the best and most effective results for our patients.

The ultimate goal of therapy here
is to help every single person
live their best life.

Let us design a customized therapy program for you or your loved one!

Frequency of Weekly Attendance:

CWJR advises that patients attend therapy 1-5 days per week from 1-3 hours based on the individual’s plan of care as developed by their evaluating therapist. All sessions following evaluations are provided by CWJR staff therapists