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Make the Most of Your At-Home Christmas

This holiday season is going to look a little different for most of us however; there are still some ways to have some fun this holiday season from the comfort and safety of your own home! 

Stay up to Date with Santa’s Reindeer

Check out what Santa’s reindeer are up to as they prepare for the big night with Reindeer Cam

Candy Cane Hunt around the House

Another fun idea is a candy cane hunt! Add an extra special touch by getting extended family on Zoom or Facetime to read clues to the kiddos so you can still spend some time with family if they can’t be physically present. 

Watch All Your Favorite Movies

Create your very own movie night and watch as many Christmas movies as your holly jolly  heart can handle. 

Camp Out under the Christmas Tree

End your night of holiday fun by camping out under your Christmas tree and add in a cup of cocoa (or two). 

We hope you and your family are still able to find the magic and spirit of Christmas this holiday season. From all of us at CWJR, we wish you a Merry Christmas!

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