At Crawl Walk Jump Run’s Restore Ortho PT Clinic, we offer individualized care for orthopedic conditions utilizing specialized equipment and one-on-one treatment sessions.

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What is Restore Orthto Therapy?

Restore Ortho is a therapy program designed to alleviate pain and anxiety associated with knee, shoulder, hip, and other joint replacements. It also helps patients recover quicker, by providing an easy-to-understand exercise routine that can be completed at home or on the go.

Patients will receive an individualized evaluation, a collaborative plan of care with personalized goals, and subsequent treatment sessions to maximize physical function and decrease symptoms. From post-surgical conditions to chronic pain, our team will work with you to decrease symptoms, improve mobility and enable your best life! 


Personalized recovery strategies created to meet your specific objectives and lifestyle. Allow us to take care of you and your rehabilitation.


Improvement strategies that are goal-oriented, allowing you to progress at your own speed.


Positive benefits of restoring movement, strength, and function, allowing you to return to your previous level of sports and recreational activities. 

conditions treated at Crawl Walk Jump Run

Sports Related Injuries

Osteoporosis and osteoarthritis in the spine and knees

Hip Replacements / Sciatica

Arthritis / Carpal tunnel syndrome

Swelling from fractures or injuries

Treatment of back, neck, and shoulder pain

Fractures and breaks

Bulging and herniated discs


I have been a runner for years and repeated falls over the past few years finally brought me to the Crawl Walk Jump Run Therapy Clinic.

I quickly received great advice on things I could easily do to help with my back pain and I am happy to say that I am now pain free and continue to use the techniques I have learned so I can continue to be pain free.

Athletic woman with bike and backpack

I have been working with Mike, the PT. He’s an absolute game changer! He has been focusing on my weak points to help me gain strength in the areas that need it the most. This has helped improved my overall fitness performance tremendously! He is extremely knowledgeable and has great experience in the field. Highly recommend!


Mike is my guy for physical therapy! He is knowledgeable, kind, and caring. The location is convenient and the appointment times fit my busy schedule. I would highly recommend Mike to anybody looking for someone!!


Dr. Fowler is the best! Very friendly but also very professional. By the end of our first session, it felt like I had know him for years. He made sure I was comfortable every step of the way as we rehabbed my ankle after a basketball injury. Will definitely be recommending him to friends and family. Thanks Dr. Mike!

We are here to help you get out of pain

At Crawl Walk Jump Run, we focus on maximizing function while increasing your confidence in your mobility; Not only at home but in the community, work, and recreational environments alike. We offer therapy screenings with our highly trained therapists.

FAQ's About Orthopedic Therapy at CWJR

A screening is a completely free/no obligation  opportunity to discuss any concerns you may have with a licensed therapist. Each screening is unique based on the patient’s concern. The goal of a screening is to have a conversation and to see the ways in which we can help, whether that is starting therapy with us or exploring other options first. 

A therapist who specializes in your requested discipline does your screening. If you are unsure of which discipline you or a loved one may need, our Patient Care Representative can point you in the right direction! All of our therapists are highly skilled and trained professionals who put patient care at the center of everything they do. 

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