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Physical Therapists Adapt to Keep Clinics Safe

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to be in the thoughts of many people. However, other health issues have not gone away. People are still getting back and neck pain, overuse injuries and hurt while at work. With concerns for both individual and loved one’s health remains a concern which keeps patients from seeking treatment.

PT clinics are a busy place with lots of people coming and going but now things are different. Here are some common changes CWJR has made to minimize the spread of COVID-19.

Patient Flow

  • Stopped utilizing our waiting room. Instead, our patients wait in their vehicles and call the front office when they arrive
  • CWJR is utilizing separate entry and exit points


  • CWJR screens patients and staff as they enter the building using questions, temperature checks, or other means
  • CWJR has designated areas for each clinician and their patients to reduce contact between different groups of people
  • Telehealth has become an option when appropriate for patients to reduce the number of patients physically present in the clinic

Our therapists are medical professionals who are trained to deal with infectious diseases including COVID-19. These changes have been implemented in order to continue delivering services while keeping staff and patients safe.

If you are in need of PT treatment, but are hesitant to go into the clinic, give your PT a call and talk about what policies and procedures they have in place. This is a time of uncertainty, but people are reacting with flexibility and creativity. Don’t let concerns over COVID keep you in pain or from the treatment you need.

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