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Physical Therapy

Restore specializes in outpatient orthopedic physical therapy and focuses on an individualized whole-body approach to treatment. Our team is led by a Doctor of Physical Therapy
who works diligently with each patient to develop a treatment plan based on their unique needs.

Our goal is to help you move past your pain, and Get Back to Living Your Best Life! Restore Orthopedic Physical Therapy will decrease pain, improve quality of life, help return to previous activities or sports, increase range of motion, and improve balance, coordination, and endurance.

What Makes Us Different

Personalized Treatments

Personalized Treatments

We offer one-on-one evaluations completely conducted with one of our Physical Therapists

Independent Clinic

Independent Clinic

We’re an independent clinic that is owned and operated by Physical Therapists

State-of-the-Art Facility

All therapy services take place in our newly renovated facility with specialized equipment

5-Star Service

5-Star Service

Restore Ortho provides high-quality customer service from our entire team

Conditions We Treat

Post-Surgery Therapy

Chronic Pain

Hip Replacements / Sciatica

Restore Orthopedic Physical Therapy offers outpatient physical therapy for various orthopedic needs, including upper extremity, lower extremity, and spinal-related pain. Whether your pain is chronic and recurring or something that just occurred for the first time, we’re well-equipped to guide you through it.

With a combination of manual (hands-on) skills and strengthening interventions, our therapists have the education and experience to treat patients from all backgrounds and abilities.

Why Restore Ortho PT?

Our physical therapists are skilled with advanced treatment techniques to deliver the highest level of care. From the first consultation, our team identifies the cause of your pain and formulates a customized patient-centered approach to therapy. 

We believe that individualized, comprehensive orthopedic physical therapy provides the best and most effective results for our patients to restore patients to a higher level of function. In addition to their treatment plans, we aim to educate each patient to ensure they are getting back to living their best life.  

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Restore Ortho offers FREE consultations to individuals who may have questions about symptoms they are experiencing, treatment, and our clinic. Call our front office at 586-329-1533 to get started!