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Speech delays are a common problem for children

Speech therapy can assist with a wide variety of diagnoses such as difficulty with articulation, fluency, language, social skills, and swallowing. At Crawl Walk Jump Run Therapy Clinic, we provide one-on-one care that is unique to each patient. 

The Speech Therapy department is also trained in a variety of specialized programs, which include reflex integration, Vital Stim, and specialized feeding courses. Each patient is provided with an individualized evaluation, collaborative plan of care and one on one intensive therapy sessions throughout their time at our clinic.

Who We Treat

We treat children from newborns to teens and work with them on issues that range in severity—including cerebral palsy or autism spectrum disorder (ASD). We also offer speech therapy for adults who have aged out of pediatric care.

Therapy Techniques

We use a play-based treatment model as needed for all ages to improve patient engagement and growth. We also believe that parents and caregivers are equally important and work as a team to create individualized home programs to assist with skill carry-over and progress.

Our specialties

  • Universal Exercise Units
  • Play-based therapy
  • VitalStim©  
  • Craniosacral Therapy
  • Reflex Integration
Speech Therapy at Crawl Walk Jump Run in Clinton Township, MI

It can be hard to know if your child's speech delay is a developmental phase or something more serious.

It may be hard to know if your child’s speech delay is something that will go away or needs further assessment. Speech and language delays can generally disappear as children get older, but some speech and language delays may not go away with time and can lead to more significant problems with language later on in life. Speech and language delays can also indicate a more serious medical issue such as autism spectrum disorder (ASD). It would be best to talk with a qualified professional for more information on whether continuing speech therapy is the right decision for you and your family.

Unsure if your kiddo needs speech therapy?

We offer free therapy screenings with our highly trained therapists to help determine whether Speech Therapy would be beneficial for you.

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Anakin started with Crawl Walk Jump Run in early fall. When starting Crawl Walk’s Speech Therapy program he was only able to speak a handful of words. Now, only months later, Anakin is speaking in sentences. His confidence has grown and is excelling in preschool.

At Crawl Walk Jump Run, we ensure each individual who walks through our doors feels empowered.

How Can Parents Help? Focus on communication. Imitate sounds and gestures with your baby. Read to your child. You should start reading when your child is a baby.  Use everyday situations. Talking your way through the day will help build on your child’s speech and language.

Early language development is an important part of the foundation for a child’s education. When they don’t speak as early or use words to communicate, it can be difficult for them to understand what’s going on and learn from others in their class. Some children who are late talkers experience symptoms that may seem like autism spectrum disorder; however, most catch up with other kids by the time school starts because this condition isn’t related to intelligence levels but rather emotional maturity level instead.

Articulation Screeners are used by speech language pathologists to quickly determine which sounds children can or cannot say. They are also used to diagnose whether the child’s speech errors indicate that they’re having difficulties with developmentally appropriate words, or if it is indicative of a delay in their vocabulary and sentence construction skills.

Pediatric speech therapy is a specialized form of treatment for children with communication challenges. Speech therapy helps kids learn to speak, understand other people’s words and sentences when spoken aloud, as well as teach them how to chew their food properly without choking on it or swallowing too much at once. Other areas that pediatric speech therapists help treat include articulation (the way your child pronounces his/her sounds), auditory processing (how the brain interprets what we hear) and social skills training–helping you find ways to make conversation more interesting while teaching empathy in addition to raising self-esteem through positive reinforcement from others!

Pediatric speech therapist are specially trained professionals who work specifically with young patients suffering from various forms of language disorders such as autism spectrum

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