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Early Intervention is Key

Don’t Wait – Evaluate!

Early intervention can be greatly beneficial to development, as delays in gross motor skills, fine motor skills and speech can all be addressed using therapy techniques and education.

We as therapists understand that therapy is not always the obvious treatment option, but our goal is to change this mindset. Therapeutic interventions have profound effects for a multitude of diagnoses, and we want to begin therapy as early as possible!

We offer free 30 minute screenings for physical, occupational, and speech therapy, which allow a quick, but thorough, evaluation with a skilled therapist to assess an individual’s function. This will provide the therapist an opportunity to recommend whether therapy is appropriate at that time. They will also discuss whether a more in-depth evaluation should be scheduled at our clinic, or whether an appointment with your child’s physician should be made.

Furthermore, now that direct access exists for physical therapy in Michigan, physical therapy services can be provided without a doctor’s prescription. This provides you the opportunity to contact a physical therapist for an evaluation without a recommendation from a doctor. Rest assured, it is very important to us that you speak with your physician about your concerns and desire for any therapy-based service. CWJR is a very collaborative team, to include collaboration not only amongst our therapists, but also with caregivers, case managers, orthotists, physicians and more.

Please contact us with any questions you may have on early intervention or developmental delays, and make sure to register for our upcoming workshop!

Thanks for reading!

Kendell Myers, PT, DPT

Physical Therapist

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