Occupational Therapy

Study Tips for Learning at Home

Many study and classroom routines have been disrupted, and students are having to adapt to learning in their home environments. This is a feat that can pose challenging to many. Here are some strategies to help maintain focus and productivity when going to school (or work) at home.

Calming Sensory Strategies

When our routines and schedules are turned upside down many people start to feel anxious and unable to relax. When we feel like this, it can cause increased misunderstandings, agitation, nervousness, and feelings of being burnt out.  Read more to find out some at home tricks to help you feel calmer.

May is Stroke Awareness Month

The month of May is designated as stroke awareness month. Strokes are one of the leading causes of disability in the United States. In our blog, we share some symptoms of a stroke and ways in which you can act fast to get you or your loved one the help you need.