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sensory processing disorder in children

The warning signs of sensory processing disorder in children

Sensory processing disorder, SPD, is a neurological condition that affects people of all ages. It’s now recognized as one of the most common chronic neurological disability in school-aged children. An estimated one out of 20 school-aged children have SPD, but the actual number may be much higher because it’s tough to diagnose. The symptoms can …

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Heavy Work

As many kids continue with virtual learning, parents may find that they are having an increasingly difficult time focusing on school work. Occupational therapists often use a strategy referred to as “heavy work” to help promote regulation, calming, and focus.

Sensory Desensitization

A Sensory Desensitization Program for Mask Wearing

Face masks are becoming more and more common, especially as restaurants, salons, and other public spaces start to open up. It can be uncomfortable at first to wear a mask, especially for those sensory sensitivities. Many sensory sensitivities are difficult to understand, and if you have sensory sensitivity, you’re probably no stranger to sensory overload. …

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Benefits of Messy Play!

“Messy play” is just what it sounds like, engaging with substances with a wide range of textures- slimy, slippery, gooey, gritty, and more!  There are many benefits to starting age appropriate messy play with your child. Read more about it in our blog!

Study Tips for Learning at Home

Many study and classroom routines have been disrupted, and students are having to adapt to learning in their home environments. This is a feat that can pose challenging to many. Here are some strategies to help maintain focus and productivity when going to school (or work) at home.