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Directions for Two Language Based Gross Motor Games to Play at Home!

Play based therapy is a great way to have fun with your kiddos while also helping them improve language skills! Read more about two activities you can do while you’re at home

Activity One: Language ‘Horse’ (or ‘Pig’ for a shorter game)


  • A Basketball (or other ball)
  • A hoop (I used a laundry basket)
  • Sidewalk chalk (or if you are playing inside you can make it off with tape)


  1. Pick out 20 different vocabulary words (this can be a predetermined  list from school; words from a book your child is reading; or you can google vocabulary words and your child’s grade for a list) 
  2.  Separate your playing area into four squares
  3. Write five of the words from your list in each square
    • In the first square, you can have your child give definitions 
    • Then in the second square, have them give a synonym 
    • In square three, have them give an antonym
    • Finally, in the fourth square, have them  use the word in a sentence 
  4. After your child completes the language activity in that square they can shoot
  5. Then their playing partner will need to make the same shot in the same way if they make it; if they lose it then they lose a letter in the word “Horse”
  6. First person to lose all their letters loses the game!

Activity Two : Catch It Categories


  • A ball (You can do this with a water balloon for some extra suspense) 
  • Some space


  1. Start approximately 3 feet apart and name a category
    • Categories such as: Animals, Food, School supplies are easier options
    • If you need a challenge you can try words that start with “R” or more specific categories E.G. (kitchen Supplies) 
  2. Pass the ball to your partner naming an item from the category
  3. Then both teammates take a step back
  4. Name another item and take another step back
  5. Keep playing until someone drops the item

In both activities, it is important to have fun and be safe. Happy learning!

Written by: Sarah Coulter, MS CF-SLP

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