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5 ways to encourage bike riding

Increasing your endurance and metabolism are just two of the many great benefits of bike riding. Another great benefit to bike riding is the ability to ride both inside and outside. Riding inside can provide a great cardio workout, be a great choice during inclement weather, and provide you bonus benefits that allow you to do additional things, like read a good book, at the same time.

If you prefer to ride your bike outside, you get a chance to really focus on your speed, focus on your endurance for going up hills, and focus on breathing in different types of weather. Plus, the great outdoors is a wonderful place to spend your time in fresh air and view the scenery. Another bonus the outdoors allows, is the ability for parents to easily ride alongside their children and get quality time together!

Now on to 5 ways to encourage bike riding:

1.  Tell yourself to bike ride for at least 20 minutes

Having a set time for your workout helps you push yourself towards a goal that is easily attainable (20 minutes is just an example, maybe yours is 10 minutes, or even 30+ minutes).

2.  Bring a family member or friend with you

When you have someone next to you working out (especially if they are doing the same activity as you), it not only increases motivation, it can keep you accountable to complete your workout and push yourself. If you’re inside, perhaps someone can do another workout alongside you, and you can rotate activities to make a “circuit” workout.

3.  Make it a race with someone!

For example, you and a friend/family member/workout buddy can make a pact that whoever reaches the yellow fire hydrant first has to pay for coffee after the workout.

4.  Give yourself a reward!

Having something to look forward to is always motivating. So, make a chart for yourself to create a workout reward program (which works for indoor and outdoor activities)! For example, after five workouts you can reward yourself with a full body massage, or after 10 workouts you can buy yourself that one item you’ve been really wanting to get, etc.

5.  Involve your kids

If your kids beat you in a little race challenge, you can treat them to a movie, a trip to their favorite park, allow them to have their favorite snack, etc. If you beat them, they have to clean the kitchen, clean up their room, clean the bathroom, etc.

We hope this encourages you to get out there and enjoy the nice weather, and also provides you an activity to do during inclement weather!

Written by: Sarah Jacobs, PTA

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