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Have you or anyone you know ever experienced dizziness?

Have You or Anyone You Know Ever Experienced Dizziness?

It is an unfortunate fact that dizziness is more common than one may think. Individuals describe dizziness in several different ways, but no matter the perception, the impact on safety and functional mobility is consistent. 

Dizziness can result from a variety of situations including a concussion, traumatic brain injury, stroke or any disruption to the vestibular system. Individuals often do not realize dizziness can be impacted with physical therapy intervention and instead modify their life in order to deal with the symptoms. If you are experiencing dizziness, please contact us, we want to help you!

Whether it be constant or intermittent, dizziness caused by vestibular dysfunction is a serious issue, but has the potential to be treated and/or resolved with non-invasive interventions. 

When we see the presence of dizziness, it is often related to a dysfunction of the vestibular system. The vestibular system is located within the inner ear and is composed of intricate pieces, which have the potential to be disrupted, resulting in dizziness, loss of balance and decline in function. The vestibular system is always “on” and is responsible for our perception of movement, orienting our body in space, controlling our posture and keeping our vision stable while our head is moving. This is a long list of important responsibilities for one body system!

There are a variety of tests and measures available to assess the severity of dizziness, as well as the impact on participation and function. It is common for individuals who have dizziness to decrease their participation or require the use of an assistive device to maintain safe participation in their activities. In my experience, those who complete these assessments are unaware of the significant impact their dizziness has on their life until they see it in writing. 

Vestibular interventions are not always comfortable, as some are meant to induce symptoms in order to decrease the sensitivity of the system. Nevertheless, the typical outcome is positive. 

Those affected by dizziness who I have personally worked with have noted that they used to attempt to ignore the issue and continue with their normal activity, or attempt to simply avoid those specific activities that bring about symptoms. This often results in either unsafe completion of tasks or decreased participation.

Please remember, the goal of vestibular rehabilitation and intervention is to allow you to continue a safe level of function with the least amount of assistance possible. Vestibular rehabilitation will focus around an individual’s personal goals and functional level in order to personalize the plan of care with an emphasis on quality of life.

So, if you are someone you know are suffering from dizziness and could benefit from therapy, please contact us. We want you to be able to enjoy your activities and your life dizziness free!

Thanks for reading!

Kendell Myers, PT, DPT, C/NDT

Physical Therapist

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