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Boost Your Mood with Movement and Music!

At Crawl Walk Jump Run we are always motivating our patients by playing their favorite music. And for good reason! According to an article by Harvard Health Publishing, “music also has major effects on many aspects of health, ranging from memory and mood to cardiovascular function and athletic performance.” (Harvard Medical School, 2011)

Let’s take a closer look!

We first start processing sound from our ears through sound waves. To begin, the sound waves are transmitted through the inner ear into vibrations. These vibrations stimulate the auditory nerve which then stimulates “the reward center” of the brain. This creates a pleasant feeling (similarly to when you have ice cream!

Music provides a feel-good stimulus regardless of your physical and cognitive abilities.

We encourage you to turn on your favorite upbeat tune and safely move to the beat.

Here are some suggestions:

  • The Hokey Pokey: Perform as a family!
  • My Girl by: The Temptations
  • Happy by: Pharrell Williams
  • We Will Rock You by: Queen
  • Sugar Sugar By:  The Archies
  • I’m a Believer By: The Monkees

Here’s a list of even more songs to get you moving!


Watch, H. M. (2011, July ). Harvard Health Publishing . Retrieved from Harvard Medical School: https://www.health.harvard.edu/staying-healthy/music-and-health

Written by: Lia Giordano, PTA

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