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Chores: Why They are Good for Your Child

Chores. Our children don’t like them but why is it so important for them to do them, verses just doing them ourselves? Research conducted recently at the University of Minnesota concluded that the best predictor of young-adult success is not IQ, or even internal motivation, but rather chores. The earlier a child starts doing chores, the more successful he/she will be. Chores help build the foundation for success in life. It forces us to de-clutter, establish priorities, and be held accountable to our family, and friends, and eventually our employers/colleagues.


Examples of age appropriate chores:

Ages 2-3

-Put toys away

-Place dirty clothes in hamper

-Throw away trash

-Set the table

-Obtain diapers/wipes


Ages 4-5

-Feed pets

-Make the bed

-Wipe up spills

-Prepare simple snacks


Ages 6-7

-Fold towels

-Empty dishwasher

-Match clean socks

-Replace toilet paper roll


Ages 8-9

-Load dishwasher

-Dust furniture

-Hang/fold laundry


-Put groceries away


Ages 10-11

-Vacuum rugs

-Prepare simple meals

-Bring in mail

-Sweep garage


Ages 12 and up

-Mop floors

-Cook complete dinner

-Do simple home repairs

-Wash windows

-Iron clothes

-Watch siblings/babysit


Examples of rewards for completing tasks:

-Play Dates

-Later Bedtime

-Sleep Overs

-Special alone time with a parent

-Trip to the dollar store

-Favorite snack/trip to get ice cream


Thanks for reading!

-Kim Dekoski, OTR

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