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CWJR’s Commitment to Safety During the COVID-19 Outbreak

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak continues to evolve, CWJR is committed to transparent communication to our patients and staff. Our team continues to check the CDC, US government, Michigan and County websites 2 times a day if not more and will ensure our clinic is following guidelines based on their recommendations.

Below are a few of the changes we have made at the clinic: 

  • Limiting the number of visitors that come into the building
  • Dividing our clinic into sections in order to honor social distancing
  • Screening of patients for flu-like symptoms upon arrival

In addition, CWJR continues to practice the following cleaning policies:

  • Provided additional supplies for hygiene such as hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes.
  • While cleanliness is always a priority, we have increased our efforts by:
    • Increased the number of times we are cleaning frequently touched surfaces and equimpment
    • Increased the number of hand sanitizer stations and antibacterial wipes in each treatment room and Universal Exercise Unit to make them more accessible for usage.
  • In addition, we have modified equipment and the way that it is distributed and handled.

CWJR remains open and available to provide therapy to our patients. Given the circumstances, we are unsure of how long these precautions set by county, state, and federal leaders will be in place. However, we feel that it is important to continue providing therapy services, for those patients and families who want to attend, so that they will not regress with their conditions.

Should you have any concerns or questions please reach out to our front office at 586-323-2957.

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