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Fun At Home Activities for Kids!

As the school year wraps up, your child may still be at home as they wait for their summer to begin. Here are some quick activities that you can do at home to help pass the time and have some fun!


Using something as simple as blue tape to pattern out a hopscotch row on the floor!

What does this help with?

  • Balance control
  • Leg and core strengthening
  • Sequencing and patterning of movements
  • Learning numbers
  • Fine motor skills to set up

Single Leg Balance

Use the top portion of your foot to hold a pair of socks!
Try holding the pair of socks for as long as you can on each foot!

What does this help with?

  • Balance control
  • Leg and core strengthening
  • Concentration & coordination
  • Endurance and stamina strengthening

Pushing A Laundry Basket!

Place household items, such as soup cans or a milk carton filled with water, inside a laundry basket. Push the laundry basket forward on the ground, and pull backwards!
Play with a parent, or sibling and see who can pull and push the laundry basket forwards and backwards the most within 1 minute! 

What does this help with?

  • Arm, leg and core strengthening
  • Endurance and stamina strengthening
  • Coordination

Written by: Sarah Abraham, PTA

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