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Gross Motor Developmental Delays

A developmental delay is defined as being more than “a little behind” in one or more areas of development. It means a child is continually behind in gaining new skills expected by a certain age. It is also important to remember that all children develop skills at different rates which is why there are age ranges for each milestone.

Read our blog to find out more about developmental delays and the ways in which physical therapy can help!

Some risk factors to developmental delays are:

  • Complications at birth: Being born too early (prematurely); low birth weight; not getting enough oxygen at birth
  • Environmental issues: Lead poisoning; poor nutrition; exposure to alcohol or drugs before birth; difficult family situations; trauma
  • Other medical conditions: Chronic ear infections; vision problems; illnesses, conditions, or injuries that have a significant and long-term effect on a child’s day-to-day activities, hypotonia

How do I make sure my child’s development is on track? 

Wellness checks are important because they help you and the doctor track the skills your child is gaining each month as well to be sure they are reaching each milestone.

If your child isn’t meeting milestones as quickly as expected, your doctor may suggest doing an early intervention evaluation to see what’s going on.

  • Tip: early detection and intervention are very important to help children with delays develop skills. 

What happens if my doctor finds my child is behind?

Your child may be recommended to begin Physical Therapy to help them learn the skills they need in order to reach certain milestones. The steps to starting therapy following the initial evaluation are:

Work one on one with a physical therapist to create a plan of care, specific to the needs of the patient.

Once the child has his/her initial evaluation, a plan of care will be created / followed to focus on the areas the patient needs.

How can physical therapy help my child?

Therapy will offer exercises to improve strength, balance and coordination which can affect activities from as early as an infant having difficulty holding head up during tummy time to a young child having difficulty walking up or down stairs and jumping. 

If you have any concerns about your child’s gross motor development please feel free to reach out to our front office at 586-323-2957 to schedule your FREE 30 minute screening.

Written by: Brianne Glombowski, PTA

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