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High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Are you looking to increase your cardio but not sure where to begin? We suggest pursuing high intensity interval training, otherwise known as HIIT. Read more in our blog to find out if this is the right workout routine for you!

What is HIIT? 

  • HIIT is a type of cardio training. Cardio training can be walking, running, stair climbing, jumping rope or any exercise that increases your heart rate. 
  • You’ll work harder than you do when you do a typical cardio workout but you’ll do it in spurts of 30 seconds to 3 minutes followed by equal rest periods. 

What are the Benefits of a HIIT program?

  • A HIIT program typically makes you work harder but for less time than you would typically need to if working at low or medium intensity. 
  • HIIT helps to increase your aerobic capacity along with increasing your overall strength 
  • Little to no equipment required.
  • Good for beginners!

What Should I Know Before I Start?:

  • Due to the high stress on your heart consult your doctor before beginning a program. 

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Written by: Alyse Elbode, PTA

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