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Home Exercise Programs

October is Physical Therapy Month! When beginning physical therapy, your therapist will give you exercises to work on at home, usually this consists of sheets with the exercises on them and a folder to put the exercises so you don’t forget!

In our newest blog, we talk about Home Exercise Programs (HEP) and why they are important to your treatment.

So, why is a HEP important?


It is important to work on your home exercise program to continue gaining strength, maintaining this strength, so you can recover faster! 


Since you are coming in 2-3x a week for your physical therapy sessions, that leaves 5 extra days in the week you are not in therapy. So, it is super important to work on your exercises at home to continue gaining strength and to reach your PT goals!

Meeting your goals!

In your initial evaluation, your therapist will put together goals that are assessed typically every other week. Along with coming to your physical therapy appointments, doing your home program gets you closer to meeting your physical therapy goals!

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