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Impulse Control

Many kids with sensory processing difficulties struggle with impulse control. Impulsivity can be a barrier for kids in the classroom and cause issues throughout their day. Your child may struggle with impulse control if you see these types of behaviors….

  • Grabs items from other kids
  • Lacks a sense of personal boundaries
  • Shows poor self-regulation of emotions and sensory input
  • Has difficulties with delayed gratification
  • Struggles with carryover of impulsivity strategies into general situations
  • Interrupts others or acts out in the classroom

For children that are old enough, keeping a daily journal can help with addressing self-control needs through practice in real-life situations. Setting goals and keeping track of outcomes is an effective strategy for self-monitoring and self-control.  


here is a link to free printable impulse journal for kids!



Here is a list of tips to assist your child with their impulse control:

  • Write down the rules. Make sure your child knows the rules whether it is in the classroom, at home, or out in public.
  • Stick to a daily schedule – kids need predictability and routine!
  • Physical exercise! Kids with sensory needs require increased physical activity. Make sure your child gets enough time to move their bodies throughout the day.
  • Sleep, and healthy food do wonders for maintaining a balanced emotional state!

Sometimes children may not respond to the techniques you have tried at home.  Occupational therapy can help your child with impulse control difficulties through a variety of sensory interventions and skilled techniques in self awareness, self regulation, and sensory modulation. It may be difficult to know when therapy is the right answer….

*Crawl walk jump run offers free screenings if you feel your child may benefit from a more in-depth look into seeing if these issues require therapeutic intervention*

-Stephanie Earl, COTA

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