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Modifications for Students in the Classroom with Vision Issues:

If your child or student in your classroom has vision issues there are easy modifications that can be made to help ensure that the best learning environment for your child is available. 

  • Make larger print available in all handouts 
  • Allow students to verbally answer questions on tests 
  • Allow students the option to read aloud to the classroom 
  • Allow more time for timed tests 
  • Provide highlighters to help with reading 
  • Provide a slant board for reading and writing purposes 
  • Have pencil grips on hand for proper tripod grasp or “fat” pencils 
  • Allow for visual breaks from near work after at least 30 mins 
  • If you need to copy from the board move the student closer to the board and provide copies of the material to be copied on the desk 
  • If possible, natural lighting and soft light bulbs will help with glare across the pages or screens 

These are some modifications that will help improve your child’s academic performance in school and can be adjusted for home as well. 

Written by: Tiffany Sinovic, MS, OTR/L

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