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Quick Five Minute Core Workout

Finding the time to go to the gym can always be challenging, so here are some exercises that can be done right at your own home! 

Read more in our blog about a quick and simple way to strengthen your core.


  • Within 30 seconds, perform as many crunches as you can.
    • *TIPS* keeping core muscles tight, feet stabilized on ground (placing feet under a couch can help keep them stabilized), and arms across chest.

Russian Twists:

  • Within 1 minute, perform as many russian twists as you can.
    • *TIPS* keeping core muscles tight while rotating to the left and right, and keeping feet up in the air (if this is too challenging, place your feet down on the ground instead of holding them up).

Side Planks:

  • Within 30 seconds, hold side-plank on left and right side (= 1 minute).
    • *TIPS* keeping core muscles tight, elbow placed just under shoulder, and legs straight (if this is too challenging, bend your knees while holding side-plank).


  • Within 30 seconds, hold plank position while switching and lifting right and left legs to the ceiling.
    • *TIPS* keeping core muscles tight, elbows slightly bent, and back straight.

Leg Lifts:

  • Within 1 minute, perform as many leg lifts as you can, on right and left sides (= 2 minutes).
    • *TIPS* keeping knees slightly bent, core muscles engaged, and maintaining side-lying position.

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Written by: Sarah Abraham, PTA



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