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Safe Holiday Shopping

Safe Holiday Shopping

With all of the shopping madness, it is important to remain conscious of your body and make sure to put yourself first (even before those amazing holiday deals!).

Before leaving your house, have a game plan of what you need to buy and which stores you will visit to save you some time and lessen the hassle of venturing from store to store. Additionally, planning your route ahead of time can help you avoid certain areas of construction or traffic.

Unfortunately, long lines are common during the holiday season, so make sure to provide yourself a break from standing and/or walking to avoid achy joints. Also, ensuring that you wear comfortable tennis shoes can greatly help provide your body some extra cushion and comfort. If you are venturing outside, keep in mind that you never know the aches and pains being felt by those around you, so always be considerate of one another’s personal space while navigating through those tight crowds!

To avoid overusing your shoulders or causing back pain when managing heavy items or bags, take multiple trips out to your car. Additionally, to avoid putting yourself at risk for lifting injuries, ask for assistance with purchases of larger items.

With all of the hustle and bustle, it is also easy to forget to eat and stay hydrated, so make sure to pack yourself a water bottle (or two!) and some snacks to have throughout your shopping trips.

For those of you who are shopping from home, make sure to take breaks from those computer/phone screens, and have a comfy, well-supported chair to sit in while searching for those great deals. If you are using a desktop computer, make sure to have your computer screen at eye-level to avoid neck pain, and your keyboard positioned so that your wrists also have support to avoid any wrist pain or arm discomfort.

Finally, ensure to dress for the weather. With long lines and busier parking lots, you may find yourself outdoors quite a bit with the busy shopping season, so don’t forget those hats, coats and mittens!

Happy safe shopping everyone!

Kendell Myers, PT, DPT

Physical Therapist

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