Sensory Diet Examples

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Sensory Diet Examples Guide

The Sensory Diet Activities download includes examples of sensory diet activities for pre-schoolers and grade-schoolers.

Free Guide

Sensory Diet Daily Journal

Keep track of how your child feels before and after each activity and watch as patterns develop.

How to Utilize the Sensory Diet Examples Guides

A sensory diet is a set of physical activities that assist children in maintaining attention and serenity at the appropriate times. It may be utilized in conjunction with sensory integration therapy.

If kids are overexcited one minute and exhausted the next, a sensory diet can assist to “level things out” by providing them with all of the sensory input they require to be in a balanced state.

You also have access to a sensory diet daily journal worksheet. 

Use this worksheet to keep track of how your youngster feels before and after each activity. It’s best to stop an activity if your kid isn’t enjoying it. (There’s also an example of a completed worksheet, to give you a better sense of how to utilize it.)

Patterns may develop if you use the worksheet on a regular basis. You’ll notice the kind of sensory input your youngster requires (visualtactileauditorymovementheavy work, or oral motor) and at what time of the day.

If you want to try a sensory diet, it’s a good idea to talk with an occupational therapist. Our highly trained therapist at Crawl Walk Jump Run can keep track of the sensory diet and make adjustments as needed.