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Sensory/Tactile and Play with Snow

It is that time of year where the weather is colder and snow is falling. With that in mind, it may be hard for your child to tolerate touching the snow or playing outside with all the winter gear on. Here are some ideas on things to do to help increase your child’s engagement and tolerance with outdoor winter activities.

Snow Tolerance

  • Start with tolerance of touching with gloves on for a period of time and progress to without gloves with supervision to not freeze hands. 
  • Make a sensory bin with fake or real snow toys/small items placed inside for fine motor
    • Fake snow can be found at the dollar store
  • Perform fun activities! 
    • Build a snowman
    • Have a snowball fight 
    • Make snow angels
  • Important to remember:
    • Never progress to next level of tolerance until previous level is achieved without avoidance.
    • Consult w ith your Occupational Therapist with any questions or concerns. 

Winter Gear Tolerance

  • Begin with tolerance of items being in room for period of time
  • Progress to timed trials of winter gear on-progressing to more time only when achieved 3 consecutive trials
    • Make it fun! Engage with winter related bins or fun games outside with the snow
  • If presenting with decreased tolerance with wearing gloves or hats, try consulting with your Occupational Therapist on performing hand mapping, face mapping and tactile protocol for increased awareness

We hope you stay safe and have fun out there in the snow! It is a great way to explore and progress with creativity and play!

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