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Every Thanksgiving, one thing that I always enjoy doing is to remember all the things I am thankful for. For me, I am thankful for my husband, my family, my job, my co-workers and my health! It is so important to get up and move our bodies every single day to keep us healthy and to helps our arms and legs move properly. This Thanksgiving, as you remember what you are thankful for (and before or after we eat a wonderful Thanksgiving meal), let’s get up and move our bodies to the word “Thankful”

T: Toe Touches

  • Try and keep your leg straight as you kick your leg and try to touch your toes! 
  • This works on balance, coordination and stretching of your hamstring muscles

H: Hops

  • Hopping is also jumping and is an important gross motor skill!
  • Get creative with your hops! Jump on two feet, one foot, you can even try some star jumps!

A: Arm Circles

  • Most of our exercises are leg focused, so let’s move our arms.
  •  Be creative with making small circles, big circles, go forward or backward!

N: Nose touches

  • This works on coordination! Start out standing on both feet and then try to touch your finger to your nose!
  • You can make it harder by standing on one foot or closing your eyes!

K: Knee Marches

  • This works on leg strength, coordination and balance! 
  • Remember to get creative! Pick whatever arm style works for you.
  • ** For an extra challenge, try jumping with this to get some cardio work in!

F: Frozen

  • This works on your balance! Pick your favorite pose and hold it for 10 seconds, staying frozen and not moving!

U: U Pick!

  • This is your turn to pick whatever move you want to showcase your true self! I picked dancing. Have fun!

L: Lunges

  • This is great exercise to build strength in your legs. Get creative and try whatever arm style works for you!

 I am thankful I get to wake up every morning and help others around me live their best life. Be sure to try out this THANKFUL workout! 

  • complete 10 of every exercise! For an extra challenge you can complete it more than once!

** HEY KIDS: With your parents permission, be sure to take a picture or video of you doing this workout of your favorite move that you did and have your parents post it on social media with the hashtag #liveyourbestlife so we can see it! 

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