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Why OT’s care about: Buttoning and Zipping

Beyond staying warm in the winter, your Occupational Therapist cares about your child’s ability to zip and complete other fasteners for various reasons. Most children can get pants with elastic waists on themselves and pull a sweater or shirt over their heads, but the fine motor skills involved in zipping, snapping, and buttoning may be more challenging for young children.

Many skills are required for zipping: high level bilateral coordination, visual, postural control, stability, and balance.  

you can “sneak” fastener practice into your child’s day simply by being intentional about what types of containers their toys and other important materials are kept in!

Additional play activities to assist:

-String Beads

-Lacing Cards

-Peeling Stickers

-Using Clothes pins

If you would like further explanation on activities you can use to help your child with fine motor skills, please call our office to speak with an Occupational Therapist. 586-323-2957

-Kim Dekoski, OT

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