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Why PT is Important

It’s National Physical Therapy Month! Physical therapy helps with a variety of conditions. In our newest blog, we highlight eight ways PT can help you!



Physical therapy addresses posture by increasing muscle strength to maintain good alignment, gives you cue’s of proper positioning, and uses manual interventions to address tight muscles! 


Physical therapy focuses on increasing strength of muscles that are weak, and also gives you home exercise programs, HEP, so you can work on strengthening at home!


Physical therapy implements stretching as an important part of increasing muscle length and flexibility. Improving flexibility is important to help keep joints loose and muscles in the right position in order to strengthen them!

Balance and Mobility:

Improving balance and mobility is a large aspect of physical therapy! It incorporates both strengthening and stability so daily tasks that required more balance can be done with ease. PT also helps regain mobility that was lost through injury through an assessment to provide an assistive device such as a cane/walker/crutches and made an individualized plan to get a patient back to their previous abilities. 

Pain management:

Physical therapy can greatly impact pain through manual interventions, therapeutic exercises and a personalized home program. A physical therapist will help restore muscle and joint function to alleviate and eliminate aches and pains! 

Preventative care:

Physical therapy is an important part of preventative treatment by looking for movement and muscle imbalances in the body and addressing any issues with a personalized program. A PT is skilled in recognizing muscle weakness, balance and coordination deficits and is able to prevent any injury that may occur!

Management of Health Conditions:

Physical therapy is able to help manage a variety of health conditions and age related issues. A PT is able to educate patients on the importance of physical activity, movement and other important information with conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular conditions, arthritis and etc. A PT is knowledgeable in age related changes in the body and is able to assist and educated in managing symptoms through strength, balance and mobility training. 

Recovery after surgery or sports injury:

Physical therapy is an important part in the road to recovery after any surgery or sports related injury. A PT knows how to get a patient back to their previous level of function whether it is normal daily activities or getting back to competitive sports! Through manual interventions, exercises using strength, balance, mobility training and a home exercise program recovery will be made much easier! 

If you or a loved one is in need of physical, occupational, or speech therapy, please call us today at 586-323-2957 to set up your free 30 minute screening.


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